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A series of games about a cupcake shop could not remain indifferent to the players, fans of business simulations. These colorful game with excellent graphics and music immerse the player in real whirlwind trading business. Your character - a student yesterday who have completed training in the culinary college will lift his feet a small cafe selling delicious fruitcakes with different fillings: chocolate, blueberry, orange, with whipped cream and colored glaze. At first range of products will be quite small, but, to the extent that, as people continue to buy cupcakes, you can gradually buy new equipment: coffee machine, a device for the production of ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn color, Fanta, Coca-Cola, and more . The number of visitors will continue to grow at an exponential rate, and the size of their orders will depend upon a variety of sets of your desserts. You will have to make cupcakes with all sorts of multi-storey fruit fillings and Korzhev, and cover them with chocolate frosting. In order to have time to serve everyone and not to create a queue, you must develop your strategy and do not deviate from her side. You will be a lot easier if all your appliances will always be fully operational, and each machine will stand ready product to the visitor did not have to wait long for a drink, ice cream or cotton candy while you cook cake. Along with patience the buyer will be reduced and the amount of its tip and tip you desperately need. If you accumulate enough money, you can build a luxurious mansion with columns and a nice little patio, and it will be a worthy reward for the hard work. Do not get entangled in a lot of dishes and products, do not panic, remember that a disorderly rush and throwing will not lead to a good result, so you can stay at home and without. Do not forget about the decor cafe so that visitors can take a break, waiting for the order. Turn the small, forgotten by all in a prosperous bakery cafe desserts, which will be sold only the best and most exclusive products, and all buyers will leave full and satisfied and no one will be left without attention. After such a titanic work can relax in the comfort of your mansion, which was built with the proceeds from the sale of sweets. Start a business simulation games to play online cake shop on our website and show them how to work. Let your business is booming, and with it grows and material well-being.

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Flash games Cake Shop Online

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