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All famous cartoon about a girl Dasha, or as it is called middle name - Dora has long been loved by many. This wonderful cartoon provides children to travel together with the main character cartoons, perform interesting job with it, and just have fun. This cartoon is very informative and fun. It is designed for children, but he is loved and adults. On the basis of this interesting cartoon invented an incredibly exciting Dora Games for boys and girls. But most of all girls will be fun to play in many of them. Merry Dasha traveler in the exciting game of Express carries a very precious human cargo, and needs help. Next game with Dasha just attract the attention of girls. In this game, Dasha recovered the beautiful glade in order to collect beautiful flowers. It will be hard to do, because in her way will be some difficulties. It will need to help deal with them. Players will need to Dasha on a short and easy path. To move to the next level together with Dasha need to go through the door that opens golden key. By the way, it is also necessary to find. The game Dora 2012 to jump properly. In this game, the active Dasha will overcome ledges. In one minute it is necessary to collect all the beautiful colored stars in the game, and most importantly get to the big star in order to be able to go to the next exciting level. Also, the developers of these games created another game that is called "Space Adventure Dora." This game will entice children for a long time, because here a great adventure adventurer Dasha and her girlfriends monkeys. There they will meet with extraterrestrial beings and participate in another interesting adventure. No less fun game "Dora journey in a lost town" is very exciting and diverse. In this game, children need help to find his darling Dasha soft teddy bear, which Dasha got a gift. This game is played with a magic cards can be found that mysterious magical city, where all the missing children's toys. Dasha need a lot to go through to get to the Lost City. In this interesting game Dasha should help pass on a large pond on a pyramid with numbers. This educational game has a variety of tasks that need to be run Dasha interesting puzzles about shapes and colors. In this game, Dasha need help in finding similar items and account numbers. Merry Dasha will not do without the help of your friends!

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