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Playing the fool - a real Russian game, as it appeared in Russia in the nineteenth century. Play cards in the fool began, as they say with the lower classes, that is, the lower the peasant class. Gentlemen of high society preferred bridge, poker and solitaire. But next, the twentieth century raised a simple game at the peak of popularity, and it even became a rival in this regard with poker. Why this name? Most likely, because a dirty word "fool" was the most common at the time, but as even more offensive to call someone who has lost. Initially, there were simple rules of the game, and the game was called a fool, but then later emerged: the transfer and Snap. This only added to the popularity of the game and increased the already huge army of players. Still later added another one species - Japanese fool, where the peaks are hitting a peak and diamonds always trumps. Now there are more than eighty varieties of the game in the fool, differing in minor details. With the advent of computers and the Internet game play allows you to fool almost anyone at any time of the day. You do not need to look for partners, run by neighbors or friends to call. Just sit down at the computer and start playing online for free even fool around the clock. Your opponents will be the stars of show business, famous politicians. Game with friends and has not been canceled, you can play the whole company, the benefit of the rules permit. Speaking of rules, they are simple enough to play with a deck of 36 cards, at least of 52. Each player is dealt six cards. The player's task - to get rid of their cards, making moves and turns beating the opponent's moves. Who could lose all of their cards, he is a fool. In the course of Bills fool can put on the opponent, if you have a card, having the same dignity to the one laid out your opponent. Snap - the most popular form of the game, players take any number of cards, the one that goes, can throw more cards, but they must match with the dignity of any of the cards that I walked or fought back. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game cards provide an opportunity to make a fool many different game combinations, what kind of comparable to chess and checkers and did leave behind. Playing the fool, you should have a clear plan of action, to remember every card and then you will never become a fool, unless the opponent is not more successful you will be. In any case, play with this interesting game and relax at our site.

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Flash game online fool

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